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Our owner is on the job 95% of the time and answers all calls !

Junk Removal Glenale Heigts, IL



Founded in 2002, AAA American Cleanouts Inc was started with a simple idea in mind: to relieve customers of their unwanted junk. We aim to give our clients the best experience by showing them what a positive impact each project can bring. Our family owned and led team is time-effective and our services are cost-efficient. AAA American Cleanouts' capabilities are second to none. 


Unwanted items can prevent you from feeling comfortable in your own home or distract you from conducting business in your office. AAA American Cleanouts Inc offers junk removal and demolition services to residential and commercial property owners throughout the Glendale Heights, IL community as well as the surrounding western and northwestern suburbs.

We can move a few things around, no extra charge! Up front quotes….no surprises, call centers, or online forms to fill out.  Local and same day service. ECO friendly – we keep as much as we can out of the landfills. We recycle or reuse a large portion of what we pick up. In 2018, we recycled more than 100,000 pounds of scrap metal !

  • Appliance Removal / Refrigerator Removal

  • Swingset / Playset Removal

  • Garage Cleanouts / Attic Cleanouts

  • Trampoline Removal / Shed Removal

  • Entire Basement Cleanouts

  • Estate Cleanouts / Move Out Junk Hauling

  • Nursing Home Cleanout / Retirement Home

  • Hoarder Cleanouts / Hoarding Removal

  • Furniture Removal / Moving Cleanout

  • Household Junk Removal

  • Whole House Cleanouts

  • Eviction Cleanouts

  • Hot Tub Removal

  • Carpet Removal / Matress Removal

  • Construction Debris Removal

  • Brush Removal / Yard Waste Removal

  • Rubbish Removal / Scrap Metal Pick Up

  • Shingles, Concrete, Brick, Dirt and Sod Removal

AAA American Cleanouts, Glenale Heigts, IL

When you call us for residential junk removal, we  take a look at what you need removed and our junk removers will give you a no obligation quote. If you agree to the price, then we will shake hands and get to work! After we have removed everything , we will sweep the area, square up on payment and then be on our way. It’s that simple. Call AAA American Cleanouts when you need residential junk removal in Glendale Heights and the western suburbs!

  • Foreclosure Cleanouts

  • Office Cleanouts

  • Warehouse Cleanouts

  • Storage Unit Cleanouts

  • Commercial Junk Removal

  • Construction Debris Removal

  • Office Furniture / Office Desk Removal

  • Computer / Monitors / Printers Recycling

Your Local Junk Hauling Professionals serving Glendale Heights and the Western Suburbs

Junk Removal AAA American Cleanouts Glendale Heigts, IL

When you call us for a commercial junk removal project, we  take a look at what you need removed. Our junk removers will give you a no obligation quote. One very important characteristic that separates our service from the rest is our staff of junk removers. We are family-owned. We are discreet and professional and will have your items removed at hours that are convenient for your business. Call AAA American Cleanouts when you need commercial junk removal in the western suburbs!

  • Shed Tear Down

  • Worn Deck Demolition and Removal

  • Above-ground Swimming Pool Removal

  • Old Swing Set or Play Set Removal

  • Hot Tub Removal

  • Kitchen Demolition

  • Bathroom Demolition

  • Construction Debris Removal

  • Mobile Home Demolition

  • Demolition Junk Pickup / Junk Hauling

Shed Removal, AAA American Cleanouts, Glendale Heights, IL

When you call us for a demolition and junk removal project, we come out and inspect. Our junk removers will give you a no obligation quote. If we agree on a price, we get to work as soon as it's convenient for you. After we demolish and remove the item(s), we clean the area for you. It's that simple. Call AAA American Cleanouts when you have a demolition and junk removal project in the western suburbs!

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